Clio Area Schools

Student Responsibilities

Students will:

  • Be courteous to others, not use profanity or be verbally abusive, and use inside voices on the bus.
  • Remember that eating, chewing gum, drinking, smoking, and possessing illegal substances, weapons, or obscene materials are not allowed on the bus.
  • Cooperate with the bus driver and follow the bus driver's instructions.
  • Remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Extend nothing, including head, hands, and feet out of the bus windows. Open windows only with permission.
  • Be responsible for intentional damage to the interior or exterior of the bus. Students will be charged for such damages.
  • Be on time and respect private property while waiting at the bus stops. Buses will not wait for tardy students.
  • Cross in front of the bus.
  • Limit objects that are brought on the bus.
  • Do not bring items that could affect the health, safety, and security of any passenger on the bus.
  • Realize that ANY driver distraction is potentially hazardous to the safety of all passengers.

Kindergarten Students
In addition to the above responsibilities, the following procedures have been established in order to provide for the safe and orderly transportation of students who may have a difficult time communicating information, or making appropriate personal safety decisions. Parents/guardians of these students will:

  • Have the student at their stop at least 15 minutes before the bus arrival time.
  • Though every effort is made to pick up and/or deliver at each home, there are private drives and cul-de-sac streets that we do not enter. A bus stop will be established at the entrance of such areas.
  • Be present and visible to the driver when the bus arrives at the student's stop. If not present, the student will be returned to school.
  • Notify the school office promptly of any address or phone number changes.
  • Affix an information tag to the student's book bag with student name and bus information.
  • Label all outerwear for easy return.
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